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As any individual who’s always gone to a film shoot can see you, a minor wonder any film really gets made whatsoever. That extraordinary movies are infrequently made is a significant supernatural occurrence. Yet, maybe generally extraordinary of everything is the film that figures out how to be off track on each possible level, on which any sensible individual would have reassessed in the wake of perusing any irregular page of the content, that in some way actually endures the miseries of both turn of events and creation into a wide delivery.

Customized to show up on a future portion of “Secret Science Theater 3000,” “The Hurricane Heist” is a film of that third assortment, an amazing coincidence of incoherently watchable foolishness and uncouthness. It very well might be serious areas of strength for a possibility for the most obviously awful film of 2018, however don’t allow that to stop you – terrible motion pictures this good times don’t show up each day.

Similar as “Snakes on a Plane,” “Sharknado,” and “Present to Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia,” the essential reason of “The Hurricane Heist” can be tracked down in that general area in its title.


As the small fictitious town of Gulfport, Ala. is battered by what has all the earmarks of being a Category 75 tropical storm, a diverse group of crooks utilize the weather conditions as cover to take $600 million in real money – bound for a modern strength destroying machine – from a U.S Treasury stop found right beyond town.

That depiction scarcely conveys the genuine craziness of their plot, notwithstanding, nor does it make sense of how our legends are snagged into putting their lives in extreme danger to safeguard the public authority’s destined to-be-disposed of cash.

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