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Roses seldom lose their sprout as fast as Star Trek Into Darkness. Generally welcomed upon its underlying delivery, JJ Abrams’ continuation has since gone through a recalibration and a re-assessment.

It was broadly casted a ballot most exceedingly awful Trek film ever by one gathering of Trekkers, and has been censured for being excessively dim, for its karaoke-style riffing on past Trek movies like The Wrath Of Khan, and for basically not feeling like a Star Trek film.

Star Trek Beyond feels like a response to that response. Here is a film where the accentuation is on typical, tomfoolery, and that feels, positively, practically like a drawn out episode of the Trek TV show, directly down to abandoning the group of the Enterprise on an outsider reality where the sets at times feel formed out of polystyrene.

It’s a film that, in pretty much every expression of Simon Peg and Doug Jung’s content, answers the fans’ reactions and says, “We tuned in.”

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